What is a “shortname”?

A shortname identifies a Billing Portal merchant so you can sign in to the correct account.

Ideally, your merchant will give you the correct shortname to use. If you are unsure, please contact your subscription provider.

What is Billing Portal?

Billing Portal is used by thousands of businesses to help millions of customers just like you manage subscriptions.

You will still work directly with the business that provides products & services to which you subscribed. However, you will use Billing Portal to manage your payment info & billing settings.

Is the Billing Portal secure?

Yes! The Billing Portal communicates with Level-1 PCI compliant services over secure connections using SSL. None of your cardholder data is stored by Billing Portal.

What is Maxio?

Maxio is the company that powers the Billing Portal for businesses and their customers.

You can learn more about how Maxio powers subscription billing at maxio.com.